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An Endearing Sort of Stupid

(I don't like this air, but that doesn't mean I'll stop breathing it.)

Erinina Batina Hillary!
24 October 1986
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a+a in some situations, agnosticism, aidan kiely the prick, andy warhol, anthropology, apple butter, arrested development, atheism, baby pictures, backpacking, being friendly, belize, black blood under fingernails, black eyes, blue eyes, boba, boris, bow-ties and pinstriped suits, brown eyes, buddhism, camels, canoeing, christianity, clumsiness, coca-cola, collarbones, coroners, creation, crispin hellion glover, culkin boys in general, cyrille thouvenin, decembering, deja vu, devon graye, dexter, dib, draco the spoilt brat, dreams, dusty attic treasure, eccentricity, equal rights, existentialism, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, fingernails turned blue, foreign films, fun slytherins, gaspard ulliel, gaspard ulliel as hippocrates, gaz, gazook gaboot, gir, gob, greek food, green eyes, grey eyes, harry potter, higgins, hiking, holly, horse-led carriages, individualism, invader zim, jamie, jamie's aidan, jellyfish squish in general, jhonen vasquez, journals, kids on shrooms, kieran culkin, kinsey, klaus baudelaire, large green glass paperweights, laughing in general, literature, lucy, lupin/snape, macaulay culkin, macaulay culkin as aidan, madness, manic rat-lords, matt tokarsky, michael bluth, michael c hall, movies, my face-eating ghost baby, my past lives, nailbunny, obscure names, olaf, orange walls, palindromes, papercuts that bleed, people who contradict themselves, pete & pete, peter pettigrew the betrayer, philosophy, photography, piano, pigs in general, pinstriped suits in general, poetry, psychology, rabid beasts, reading, reading strangers' livejournals, religion in general, remus lupin, roleplaying, rory culkin, rupert smith, ryan gosling, screaming loons, severus snape, shipwrecks, slash fiction, slytherin house, snark, subtitles, taking it easy, taoism, the decemberists, the ring, the tallest, tobias funke, unitarianism, waking life, werwulfs, westerville north, whiffle squeek, wilco, writing, zim